What do I do?

At the moment I'm actually not sure. I thought I knew once, but I'm not so sure that I was even right about that. 

I know I am a skier. But even calling myself simply that feels sort of incomplete in comparison to what I feel like I actually end up doing.

I love traveling, which is part of why I pursued skiing as a career in the first place. I was in charge of ski design at a ski company in Salt Lake for two and a half years, but even then I was so caught up in other responsibilities that I didn't feel like a ski designer per se.

I suppose what I do is follow my heart. I have been a little ways down a lot of roads. Far enough to know whether or not I wanted to be on them, but not so far down any that I feel stuck to anything. I still don't know where I'm going really, except forward. Besides, an old friend told me that you can't get lost if you don't know where you're going, so I'm sticking to it. For now...